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Faro G2 ANR Headset
Faro G2 ANR Headset
Faro G2 ANR Headset
Faro G2 ANR Headset
Faro G2 ANR Headset
Faro G2 ANR HeadsetFaro G2 ANR HeadsetFaro G2 ANR HeadsetFaro G2 ANR HeadsetFaro G2 ANR Headset

Faro G2 ANR Headset

Item Code: r-far-300
Our Price: $349.95

The new Faro® G2 Active Noise Reduction (ANR) is designed for pilots who take flying seriously.

Using the newest sound technology, G2 Active noticeably reduces cockpit noise up to 52db. So you can fly longer, more comfortably, in a quieter environment. It has everything you would want from an aviation headset. Now backed by 3-Year Full Coverage Warranty and Lifetime Wear and Tear Protection Program. Faro Headsets are made in the USA and available in 4 colors.


Large Soft Cushion
Extra Comfort for long cross-country flights. Made of soft, durable fiber, the cushion makes the headset feel extra light.

Noise Cancelling Electret Microphone
Fully adjustable microphone beam with wind screen allows ATC and your companions to hear you loud and clear. Microphone has been perfected to deliver high quality, crystal clear communication.

Premium Leather Ear Protection
Soft leather ear protection provides you with an amazing 23 db in passive noise reduction an additional 29 db of active noise reduction for a total of up to 52 db. G2 Active headset comfortably protects your ears.

MP3/Audio Compatible
Bring your favorite songs on board! Simply plug-in the 3.5 mm auxiliary cable (included) into your Faro headset and take the joy of flying to a whole new level.

3-Year Full Coverage Warranty
If anything happens to your headset, simply ship it back to Faro Aviation and receive a replacement within 3 years of purchase. Faro Aviation Headsets are made of highest quality and durable material. Faro Aviation customers are also eligible for lifetime wear and tear protection. Life-Time replacement program for accidental damage, includes drops, water, and power surges. Customers can simply return the damaged product and get a replacement headset at 50% of the price.

Active Noise Reduction Technology (ANR)
Faro® G2 Active reduces the unwanted ambient noise in the cockpit by using both Passive Noise Reduction (PNR) and Active Noise Reduction (ANR).

Passive Noise Reduction is achieved by placing sound absorbing material between your ears and the outside environment.

Active Noise Reduction is achieved by placing a microphone inside the ear cup to “read” incoming noise and generating an “anti?noise” signal through the speakers. The anti?noise and the ambient noise will cancel each other before they reach the ear.

Through this technology, low frequency ambient noise is significantly reduced and important communication can be heard in a clear, crisp manner.

G2 will continue to operate as a standard aviation headset should the ANR become inactive for any reason such as low or no battery power.

  • Uses two AA batteries.
  • Battery will last up to 30 hours depending on environment.
  • Supports mono and stereo intercoms.
  • Low battery is indicated by a flashing red LED light.
  • Headset will operate as normal PNR headset with low or no battery power.