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Avcomm AC-920 PNR Premium Stereo Headset

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The White Knight with Avcomm's exclusive patented PNR (passive noise reduction) technology, offers more in an improved design. These latest enhancements make the White Knight the premium choice in the Avcomm headset lineup. Pilots and passengers everywhere are praising the features and benefits, claiming its comfort and performance surpass anything they've used before.

Key Features:
  • Patented PNR audio technology and full spectrum stereo response
  • Ultra-lite Neodymium speakers
  • M65 microphone with "active filtering" chip
  • Full flex boom
  • Built-in push-to-talk
  • Built-in cell phone port with phone cable
  • Mono-stereo switch built into the cord
  • Each ear cup features an independent volume control
  • Deluxe comfort package with deluxe gel ear seals
  • Full five-year warranty
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