Gleim 2021 ATP Knowledge Test Guide

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Please note: This edition is NOT changing for 2021.

Updates to GLEIM ATPKT-21 Available Here


The purpose of the Gleim Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) FAA Knowledge Test book is to provide you with the easiest, fastest, and least-expensive means of passing the FAA knowledge test. Gleim Knowledge Transfer Outlines at the beginning of each study unit concisely present the relevant material needed to answer questions selected from previously-released FAA test banks, as well as questions that have been developed from current FAA reference materials.


This book can be used in preparation for the following FAA airman knowledge tests:

  • ATM: Airline Transport Pilot Multiengine Airplane (121)
  • ATS: Airline Transport Pilot Single Engine (135)
  • ADX: Aircraft Dispatcher

ISBN: 9781618543295



(No reviews yet) Write a Review