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BrightLine FLEX System - Pocket Cap Rear

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The Pocket Cap Rear is the same configuration as the Pocket Cap Front except it will only attach on the back side of any module.

The Pocket Cap Rear attaches to the CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, and CS11 or the Pocket Cap Front or Flat Cap Front

There are nine pockets on the outer surface of the Pocket Cap Rear. You can easily see three different pocket locations but each of these three pockets, pocket compartments actually contain three pockets: [1] A main pocket area. This Main pocket area is designed to hold your mobile device, wallet and keys. [2] A small secondary pocket tucked in the top of each pocket. This pocket is designed to hold a flashlight and fuel tester. [3] And then a small flat pocket on the front cover of each pocket. This is designed to hold your electronic E6B, camera, business cards, iPod. These pockets are great for organizing all the little stuff in your personal and professional life.

The Pocket Cap Rear was designed to give users additional pockets on the rear of your bag. Now it is possible (when used in conjunction with Pocket Cap Front) to have twice as many pockets on your bag. The Pocket Cap Rear is one-directional (as are ALL of the FLEX System modules). It is always REAR-facing meaning that it can only be zipped onto the REAR SURFACE of any module. You cannot zip a Pocket Cap Rear onto both the front and the rear of a center section.
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