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Faro Air In-Ear Headset

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  • Lightweight, only 1 oz.
  • Not limited to jets. Use in any GA aircraft or helicopter.
  • Three-Year Warranty
  • Provides up to 50db of Noise Reduction
  • Music Input
  • Dual Volume Control
  • Replaceable foam ear plugs

Most pilots put up with carrying a large heavy headset on their head for hours and hours. FARO Air changes all of that. With a revolutionary design, astonishing noise-reduction, and ultra comfortable fit, you will have a flying experience like never before. Connected, comfortable, and free of any bad hair days.

Lightweight, only 1 oz!

AIR weight less than 1 oz. Imagine going from your typical aviation headset that weights over 16 oz. to 1 oz. You will feel connected to your surrounding and your neck muscles will appreciate it as well.

Replaceable Foam Ear Tips

As part of AIR’s development, Faro developed a slow-recovery composite foam to provide a comfortable, effective seal while exerting low pressure in the ear canal. They are slightly longer than a typical ear plug to fit deeper in to the ear canal. They are offered in 3 sizes and includes 3 pairs of standard and 3 pairs of large ear tips.

Backed by Faro’s legendary 3-Year Full Coverage Warranty.

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